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Poverty Diet Podcast

MAACA has put on their annual three-day poverty diet over the past three days, in which participants voluntarily spend just $2.83 on food. The idea is to give participants an understanding of what it’s like to live on the budget allotted to food stamp recipients.

This time around, local blogger and CHS student Michael Strickland participated. He kept an audio diary over the course of the three days, talking about what he was eating, how he felt, and how he did with his budget. And it’s available via the Charlottesville Podcasting Network, natch. It’s interesting and enjoyable — I’d love to see more people working with CPN’s Sean Tubbs to create this sort of original audio webcast.

Local Blogger Gathering Planned

A dozen C’ville bloggers got together a couple of months ago, and now Jennifer and Marijean are staging a repeat. C’ville Coffee, Saturday the 30th, 10am. I’ll be headed to the beach for the week the day, but I’ll see if I can delay my departure by a few hours to join up with everybody. If you’re a blogger, a blog commenter, a blog reader (hint: you’re reading one now), or you’d like to take up blogging, do yourself a favor and come on out and meet the crowd. There are now exactly 200 Charlottesville blogs, so the crowd’s pretty big.

Jennifer Interviews Parks & Rec Director

C’ville blogger Jennifer has done something unusual for a local blogger — an interview. With a little guidance from the Daily Progress‘s Bob Gibson, she talked with Parks & Recreation director Michael Svetz about the recent cut in pool hours. It turns out that there’s a lot more going on than the change in hours, including systemic classism in the pools system and inefficiencies in the existing pools. Patrons of city pools will want to read this.

It’s really great to see local bloggers doing research into local matters.

Totally Informal C’ville Blogger Gathering

Inspired by Charlottesville blogging alumnus David St. Lawrence’s Floyd blogger gatherings, I think some of us local bloggers, blog commenters, blog readers, and would-be bloggers should get together informal-like. A half dozen of us got together for breakfast at Bodo’s about a month ago and had a fine time. It was great to put faces with names, swap advice and get to know one another.

I figure Sunday, 2pm, C’ville Coffee on Harris Street, and we’ll hang out for an hour or so. The spot is kid friendly, has WiFi, and has a relaxed environment conducive to this sort of thing. Even if you’re not a blogger, but you’d like to be, come on down and we’ll help you get started. Maybe I’ll be sitting alone, maybe there will be a dozen of us. Drop on in and find out.