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Get it? CUPS? Hahahahaha…ha…kill me.

Like frozen yogurt, but you want to eat it while looking at the breasts of a teenaged girl being paid $2.13/hour? You’re a) a terrible human being, and b) in luck.  #

Christian’s Opening in Richmond

Christian’s Pizza is opening a Richmond location.  #

C-Ville Editor on Race

C-Ville Weekly editor Giles Morris on the crazy racists who have been taking over their comments sections, and race generally.  #

City Beefing Up Landmark Hotel Security

The city is going to add fencing and security cameras to the Landmark Hotel structure, and bill the developer for the work.  #

County Extends RSWA Contract by One Year

Unable to find a location for a new recycling center, Albemarle is continuing their contract with RSWA for one more year.  #